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    I’ve been dreaming this „Polar Dream“ ever since I started travelling, 16 years ago. I’ve been dreaming of walking 1200 km from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole – solo, unsupported and unassisted. It is one of the remotest and most desolate parts of the World, and probably the last true wilderness. I’ve been dreaming this dream ever since I first tasted the freedom of travelling, and for the last two years I’ve been preparing intensely for this remarkable endeavour.

    Who am I

    Over the last 16 years, most of the time I’ve been travelling and working as a journalist, photographer and writer, publishing my stories in National Geographic, Geo, Meridijani and such. I travelled to 100 countries and led 30 expeditions to the remotest jungles, deserts and mountains of the world.
    So far, I published 6 books, 2 of them translated into English:
    “National Geographic – Croatia from Above”, a photo monograph, and
    “The Journey’s Magic – why we travel and how our travelling changes us and our world” 

    I use these stories and experiences from my faraway travels, described in my books, articles and lectures – to inspire people to follow their dreams. So far, I held over 400 lectures and talks in Croatia and neighbouring countries, half of it in high-schools. Sharing my experiences with students and inspiring them to follow their dreams is a part of my work that I find the most important, most amusing and most meaningful.
    This is the purpose of my life. It is also my responsibility. I owe it to all the people who inspired me.

    Polar dream

    To be able to understand the topic better and share it more successfully, I decided to focus on the research of following dreams within the “Polar Dream” project. I’m trying to explore what one has to do in order to achieve his/her most ambitious dream, and how to surpass all of the obstacles and challenges on this endeavour.  A South Pole expedition seems like a perfect setup for that story.

    There are only 20 people in history who undertook the South Pole expedition solo, unsupported and unassisted. It means that I will use no external power (wind, dogs, engines…) and will have no resupply: I will pull the entire equipment and food necessary for a 50-day journey in a sled weighing 130 kg.

    I’ve been training for two years and my preparations included expeditions to northern Siberia, northern Greenland, Svalbard and Norway. I’ve learned how to manage cold and extreme environment from traditional Arctic dwellers such as the Inuit, Nenet and Sami.  Most of the time, however, me and my small but great team spent fundraising, but with mixed success. We have half of the funds ready. With this crowdfunding campaign I’m trying to raise part of the remaining sum – 40.000 USD for flights from South America to the start of the expedition, and from the expedition’s end back to South America.